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About half of each Interact workshop is spent practicing applications of the skills. Participants begin their practice using Interact's Structured Rehearsals. These rehearsals are pre-written and designed to foster rapid proficiency. After completing the structured rehearsals, participants move to "Reality Anchors" to practice applying the skills to their own issues.

Structured Rehearsals are the way we make sure practice time pays off. There are five features of Interact's rehearsals that make them especially effective.

  1. The practice situations are structured, pre-written specific roles for each person in the interaction. These situations apply the skills to the issues relevant for participants and organizations based on their key priorities, corporate initiatives, or unique challenges.
  2. Practice situations are guided. Interact introduces a 'Respondent and Coach' role to make sure the practice stays on focus. This degree of structure makes sure that every nuance of a skill is explored and that the practice doesn't become too hard or too easy.
  3. Each session includes 15 to 17 pre-developed practice situations. Research indicates that people skills are learned best when participants work their way through several "practice loops". In the "practice loop", the participant attempts the skill, receives feedback, makes adjustments, and tries again.
  4. The practice is designed for groups of three to allow everyone to practice at the same time. The use of small groups and engaging situations together produce a playful atmosphere that encourages people to test out new skills.
  5. The rehearsals cover a wide range of applications of each skill. Participants practice the skills with managers, employees, and peers; and with problems ranging from productivity to customer service to quality improvement. 

Reality Anchors: Interact uses reality anchors, real-life problem situations generated by participants, to identify immediate applications of the skills. Reality anchors are situations that participants know they will face, or have faced in the past.




Interact supports you and your team as you implement our training into your organization. We provide an implementation guide and work with you to make sure the training achieves your business objectives. We assist in implementation through:

  • Implementation Teams: Training has a bigger impact when the right people are involved from the beginning. Interact helps you create an implementation team and makes it attractive for decision makers to join. This team becomes the "steering committee" that can get you the support you need to be successful. 
  • Orientation Sessions: Interact holds brief orientation sessions that are aimed at getting managers involved. We give them a taste of the skills and get their input on the best way to implement the training in their areas. Managers identify the issues in their areas that the training needs to solve, and make the link between the training and the bottom-line results they need to achieve.
  • Tactical Challenges: Interact helps the Implementation Team identify the day-to-day obstacles that could derail the training and find solutions to these obstacles. We find that many implementation challenges are easy to solve once the right people are involved in the solution.
  • Roll-Out Plans: Interact helps to develop a roll-out plan that includes all the details - number of trainers, training rooms, dates and times, shifts, mix of participants, role of upper management, and more.
  • Train-the-Trainer Sessions: Interact can provide you with excellent trainers, or can train your people to conduct the training. The training materials are designed to provide everything a trainer needs to be successful. 
  • Ongoing Support: Interact provides unlimited free phone support, including coaching, teleconference seminars, webinars, and more. In addition, we make it easy for you to stay up to date on our most current materials, and to certify new trainers. 

Interact does what it takes to help you achieve your bottom-line results. We are committed to your success.