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People skills learned right, not rote.

As a leader, you pursue many strategies to improve your organization's bottom line. You build better facilities, purchase better equipment, and hire better people. Why do these strategies work? Because they help individual managers and employees succeed. Performance always comes down to individuals and their ability to execute. Interact improves organizational performance by improving "people" performance. The building blocks for bottom-line success are the hearts and minds of your people.

Since 1981, our standard has been "People skills learned right, not wrote." Our training takes the complexity of people and organizations into account. The skills taught are deliberate and sustainable. They support your performance culture by improving how people solve problems, manage projects, manage people, and promote teamwork.

More than a thousand organizations have benefited from Interact's 30+ years of experience. Interact uses proven training techniques that combine thought-provoking video, engaging practice, and concrete applications to ensure that people will use what they've learned. Get in touch with us to learn more, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you.




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Our Programs

Performance problem solving

Performance Problem Solving trains participants how to solve the everyday "people" problems that undercut performance. The key to success for this program is attributed to its systems of thinking and decision modeling, rather than ordinary action steps. Performance Problem Solving is available in separate training programs for both peers and managers.

performance management™

Learn how to build the skills managers and employees need in order to succeed in the workplace. You will learn how to establish clear and motivating expectations, coach and support one another in a team environment, and provide honest and helpful feedback.

Conflict Management™

In this conflict resolution program, participants learn how to control their anger, how to work with people who are too angry to be rational, how to find common ground, and how to work through the logic of a disagreement. Conflict management is designed for a broad audience - managers, supervisors, and employees.


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